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The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Digital Photography: A Step-by-Step Guide

256 pages



A comprehensive guide to all the essential information about shooting with a digital camera. An ideal book for beginners, it covers equipment, basic shooting techniques and how to edit and display images.

Amazon reviews:

This Book is all you need to get started in digital photography easy and clear explanations on all aspects of photography Great photographs HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

An excellent starter book for anyone beginning digital photography. Well thought out explanations and lots of pictures to illustrate the techniques described.

I purchased this book for myself but found that it was a bit too basic for me so I passed it on to my niece who was new to digital photography and she loved it. I recently began mentoring a high school student who also is new to digital photography and I gifted one to her. She also loved it! It is easy to read with lots of photographs for illustrations. Great book for new digital photographers!

The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Digital Photography is certainly the best book on the subject that I have found. I initially borrowed the book from a public library and before I had finished the book decided it was a ‘must have’ for my bookshelf, that I could refer to regularly. Steve Luck has done a great job in explaining techniques aimed at both the beginner and more experienced digital photographer. The book is well written, excellently illustrated, easy to understand and can be read cover to cover as I initially did and thereafter serves as a super easy-to-reference book on a multitude of topics.

The Complete Practical Guide to Digital and Classic Photography

Steve Luck and John Freeman

512 pages

This book addresses both film and digital photography, providing the enthusiast with information in everything from understanding aperture and focus to maniupulating images for maximum effect on a computer. With more than 1700 photographs, every useful aspect of photography is described and illustrated. Practical considerations including holding a camera and knowing which films or lenses to buy. Practice portraits with friends and family, or get out and about in the countryside, experimenting with landscape shots and studies of light or texture. Wherever you want to take your passion for photography, this book is a valuable resource to help you on your way.

Amazon reviews:

I first borrowed this book from my local library and quickly realized that I really needed a permanent copy at hand. The authors manage to explain the basics of photography and some its more advanced aspects in a lucid and concise way, making it easy to understand for those of us who are far from being experts. Their explanations are accompanied by excellent graphics and step by step guides to image processing. The book includes many helpful suggestions on the technicalities of photography but also the aesthetics of composition, light and color balance, etc. They also use the benefits of their vast experience to suggest appropriate strategies for photographing a wide variety of subjects relating to people, their lives and landscapes and the natural world. For a hard-backed book of such quality the low price available through Amazon makes this book a compelling purchase for those new, and not so new to photography.

This is a really useful handbook for the more serious amateur photographer as well as the beginner. It is informative and practical and has enough specific detail to keep interest on several readings. I find I go back to certain sections and get a little more insight each time. Well worth having on the shelf – but keep handy for consultation.

Wow! Never knew this book could be so good. It covers all I need to know, self explanatory and as a novice it paid off than taking some reap off classes and lectures. I wish there could be more of this out there. And it’s cheap too!

Michael Freeman’s Photo School: Digital Editing

160 pages

It goes without saying that pressing the shutter release is only the beginning of the life of a digital image. Understanding how to use editing software to unlock each images full potential is the essential next step to reliably producing great photographs. Michael Freeman and post-processing expert Steve Luck demystify the complexities of todays highpowered editing programs to provide straightforward, effective digital workflows that will increase effectiveness and make all the difference. The editing principles covered in this title are universally applicable, regardless of the editing software in use. Learn how to recapture lost skylines, touch up portraits, and even experiment with surreal special effects. The collaborative environment of the course ensures that no student gets left behind, offering a support community for students seeking feedback and new ideas on the dedicated course website.

Amazon reviews:

Superb book and goes to places I would not have thought of. I use Lightroom and I am a pro photographer. A very clear well layed out book. Has a built in workflow and great examples. Well deserved 5*. Michael Freeman’s book are always good but this one I think is exceptional.


Michael Freeman’s Photo School: Black & White

160 pages

Mastering the craft of black-and-white with this unique approach. With every digital image holding the potential for black-and-white conversion, its essential for all photographers to learn the reliable techniques and innovative digital implementations this timeless photographic genre is based upon. Starting with in-depth explanations of how and why black and white works, the book goes on to teach the major themes and optimal workflows for creating stunning monochrome images that enhance your subjects and enrich your portfolio. With the engaging collaborative structure of the Photo School series, all photographers will find their work rapidly improving. Shared critiques and creative challenges will encourage the reader to see beyond the world of colour and explore the full potential of this effective and classic technique.

Amazon reviews:

I loved this book. It provides great information for those, like me, who were always disappointed in photos converted from colour to black and white. Now I know why. Time to try out the techniques.

Up to the usual high standard of Michael Freeman. Concise analysis, excellent advice but must be backed up by just getting out there and doing it.