Silly Cow Greetings Cards

Steve Luck Greetings Cards feature bold, unique, brightly coloured designs. Each 5 x 5 inch (155 x 155 mm) card and envelope is individual packaged in a sealed cellophane bag.    

HDR Shoot Out

Love it or loathe it, HDR (high dynamic range) imaging is now a well-established digital photography technique, and one that looks set to stay. For those of you unfamiliar with the term and its implications on images, dynamic range in photography refers to luminance, or brightness, range. It can be used in reference to the […]

City Break Photography

Today there are a number of budget airlines offering cheap flights to a great many Eastern European cities, where affordable accommodation is easy to find, particularly in the months running up to and shortly after the Christmas holidays. These cities, such as Prague, Budapest, Krakow, Riga, and Tallinn, as well as featuring excellent museums, galleries, […]

Natural Lighting

Although for outdoor photographers there is only one natural light source – the sun – any keen landscape or architectural photographer knows that there is an infinite number of variations in natural lighting conditions. Knowing how these lighting variations impact on the scenes and objects you photograph will help you to plan your shots and […]