Recommended Reading

Craft and Vision

Craft and Vision is a refreshing new website and a great resource for photographers of all levels. Available through the site are a vast number of photography eBooks covering a host of photographic subjects from landscapes and portraits, to composition, post-production, and how to promote your photographs. Succinct and easy to digest,  I’ve found many of the titles have some really excellent tips. A small selection of what’s available is shown below. Well worth a visit, even just to browse. Authors include David duChemin, Michael Frye, Piet Van den Eynde, Andrew S. Gibson, and Martin Bailey. 

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The Art of Photography: An Approach to Personal Expression (Photographic Arts Editions)

Bruce Barnbaum

To my mind one of the most useful, thought-provoking books on photography. Engaging and readable, there were many ‘eureka’ moments when I felt Barnbaum had succinctly expressed the processes and transitions all photographers go through as they’re developing their skills. This book really helped me to slow down and contemplate the craft of making photos. A powerful mix of practical advice and more cerebral observation combines in an attempt to guide photographers seeking to raise the level of their photography. As well as covering the basics of composition, light, and colour, Barnbaum doesn’t shy away from covering the far less tangible issues of creativity, intuition and developing a personal style. An essential read with beautifully reproduced, inspirational photography.


First Light: A Landscape Photographer’s Art

Joe Cornish

So much has been written about this seminal volume on landscape photography; the book is wonderfully simple in its approach – a commentary and caption accompanies two images on a double-page spread. The secondary image is from the same or similar location, but the caption explains why it is less successful than the primary version. The commentaries provide a wonderful insight into how Joe Cornish goes about making his photos, and let’s you in on specific thought processes. What I was often struck by was the knowledge, whether historical, geological, or botanical, that Joe Cornish exhibits about his subject. This knowledge demonstrates a love and passion for the landscape he photographs.


The Genius of Photography

Gerry Badger

This is an accessible and engaging retelling of the history of photography illustrated throughout with key images from the timeline. Although at first I was only expecting a fascinating read about the ‘decisive moments’ in the development of photography, and one that would offer little in terms of practical application, a firmer grasp of where photography has come from and the internal struggles it has had with itself about its true nature has really impacted on how I go about my photography.